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Well, I've got quite a bit of commentary for these poles. My team and I took it on our trip to Bear Mountain in New York. Initially, they were holding up fine. But, as the trek continued, we noticed some things of concern. First, the plastic handles are poorly made. They started to lose grip as we progressed through our hike (due to the sweat making it slick). When we came across rocky terrain, the plastic felt as though it were crackling from our grip. The compass on top is a nice addition, but it seems to be a bit flimsy.

UPDATE 8/17: We decided to take it on a second trip. Unfortunately, the pole bent. 


BAFX Products – 2 Pack – Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles – 1 Pair is durable. This is made of lightweight aluminum. Another advantage is that it can extend from the 25.5 to 53 inches that can be suitable for individuals of many heights. It comes with an anti-shock spring. It comes equipped with plastic grips and wrist straps.


  • It is made of the lightweight aluminum and it can extend from 25.5 to 53 inches.
  • It comes with an anti-shock spring that offers more comfortable trekking.
  • You will get plastic grip and wrist strap. And each pair will come with two spare tips. You will have four tips to get started.
  • Rubber feet are included to aid on your journey.
  • It come with an optional snow disk that you can use on the softer ground coverings.
  • It comes with an easy to use twist locking system.


It is one of the most inexpensive products, and if you're going to do more than nordic walking, it shows. Another thing of note is the handles have occasionally been delivered facing two different directions. 

On the bright side, the weight is light enough that children can carry it for a long time without any discomfort. 

There have also been comments suggesting the plastic make-up of the handles are flimsy, expressing concerns that they've cracked under pressure.


If your budget is under $20, and you want a decent set of trekking poles to walk around the neighborhood, then we say go for these. Otherwise, stay away, because these will fail during a more intense hike. 

BAFX Trekking Poles













  • Very Lightweight
  • Nice Design
  • Very Affordable


  • Uncomfortable Plastic Handle
  • Flimsy Build
  • Relatively Uncomfortable Overall

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