About Michael and Friends

Hiking is a passion many people share. Unfortunately, for some, it can be a bit daunting without the right help. Naturally, we realized trekking poles were the perfect crutch (no pun intended) for a difficult hike. But, to our chagrin, we couldn't find a single reputable site - built by hikers, for hikers! 

I decided to embark on an adventure and write about it. Here, we take a new set of trekking poles to each destination, and try them out - thats how hikinggurus.com was born. Months of use go into each review so you know you're getting an actual hiking enthusiasts opinion, not a generated review built off of fallacies and guesses. 

My name is Michael (and friends), and I'm here to share my adventures, and my opinions with you. Don't spend a bunch of time and money finding the perfect hiking gear. I can do that for you :).